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Mens Fashion Advice Services

Did you know your appearance affects how you get on in life? With an understanding of mens style fundamentals you can...

  • Advance in your career
  • Attract the right people into your life, including the perfect partner
  • Improve your self confidence and self-esteem

Yes, there's more to you than your appearance. However, it's what people see and remember. Which is why it's important to present a conscious image that reflects your personality, your achievements, your goals, your values and your lifestyle. Think of it as an investment in creating your own personal brand.

Mens Style Fundamentals

The key to great style is to learn mens fashion advice basics and to apply that knowledge to your self. The fundamentals are covered with understanding...

  • Your best colors, patterns and contrast levels. And how to co-ordinate colors in an outfit

  • The clothing styles that best suit you, your personality and the occasion

  • How to organize, maintain and plan your wardrobe

  • How to shop to maintain your wardrobe -- what to buy and where to buy it
You can find out more about each of these areas in my 6 steps to savvy style article, or use my mens fashion advice services (see below).

In Person Mens Fashion Advice Services

  • mens fashion advice colour analysis
    Discover your best colours:
    Personal Colour Analysis

    Colour makes a strong emotional impact. The right colours give you an air of authority, the wrong colours make you seem weak.

    With this service I assess what colours work best for your skin, hair and eye colouring.

    I show you how to choose your best colours and how to co-ordinate colours in your outfits.

    This is a good place to start your mens fashion advice learning.

    > Colour analysis details

  • mens fashion advice style makeover
    Dress for your body shape:
    Personal Style Analysis

    This service provides 1-on-1 mens fashion advice on what styles suit you best.

    I assess your body proportions, your face shape and your style personality and provide you with a personalised online style guide.

    You'll learn which clothing styles you should or shouldn't wear and why and which styles are appropriate for which occasions.

    > Style analysis details

  • mens fashion advice wardrobe consultant
    Organise your wardrobe:
    Wardrobe Consultation

    In this session I show you how to, organise and plan your wardrobe. It really brings home how to use all your new colour and style knowledge.

    As your wardrobe stylist I'll also show you how to create oufits for your lifestyle with items you already have. I also work out what you need to add so you have smart appropriate outfits for every occasion.

    >Wardrobe consultation details

  • mens fashion advice personal shopper
    Maintain your wardrobe:
    Personal Shopper Service

    Shopping with an experienced personal stylist means no mistakes, no wasted time and no wasted money.

    Using my knowledge of current styles, colours and how to style outfits we'll find items that suit you, within your budget, to meet your shopping goals.

    > Personal shopper details

  • mens fashion advice before and after photos
    Record your new look:
    Professional Photos

    There are now many occasions when you need professional photographs: for business websites, or printed items; for social networking sites; or simply to record your style makeover journey.

    Together with my superb professional photographer, we'll style you and work with you to ensure your photographs capture the mood you wish to portray.

    You'll feel like a celebrity!

    > Professional photos details

  • mens fashion advice gift certificates
    Give a gift that lasts:
    Gift Certificates

    If you're looking for a special gift idea for a friend or relative in Sydney how about giving a gift voucher for my personal image consultant services?

    (Please do first check the person has expressed an interest in improving their image -- you don't want to offend them!)

    I offer gift certificates either for 1 or more specific services, or for a specified amount.

    > Contact me to order your gift certificate

Image Consultant Location

My studio is in beautiful Avalon, NSW on the peninsula of the northern beaches, north shore, Sydney. Ideally you will come to my studio for colour and style analysis where I can provide a peaceful environment free of interruptions and where I know the light conditions (for colour analysis) and have fast broadband access and a fast printer (for style analysis and printing your personalised Style Portfolio).

For the wardrobe sessions I come to you. For shopping we will go either to your nearest large shopping centre, or to the relevant specialist shops, dependent upon your shopping aims.

I mainly provide services to suburbs within an hours driving distance of Avalon including, but not limited to: Avalon, Bayview, Belrose, Bilgola, Chatswood, Clareville, Cremorne, Collaroy, Dee Why, Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Manly, Mona Vale, Mosman, Narrabeen, Neutral Bay, Newport, North Ryde, North Sydney, Palm Beach, St Ives, Sydney north, Terrey Hills, Turramurra, Warriewood, Whale Beach.

If you don't see your suburb listed here and you would like an in person consultation please feel free to contact me by email or phone and enquire anyway.

To Book my Image Consultant Services

Contact me by phone or email to book my image consultant services or to ask any questions.

Online Mens Fashion Advice Options

Even if you don't live in Sydney I can still provide you the fundamental mens fashion advice through the wonders of the internet and modern technology! I have listed my services below.

  • mens fashion advice for colors
    Discover your best colors:
    Online Color Analysis

    Understanding your personal best colors is one of the fundamentals of looking your best.

    With my online color analysis service, as well as discovering your best colors you'll learn about contrast levels, what patterns suit you best, and how to co-ordinate colors within your outfits.

    > Online color analysis details

  • mens body shape analysis
    What's your body shape:
    Body Shape Analysis

    This service gives you a professional assessment of your body type and proportions. It gives you all the details you need for the Men of Style online program (see the next service).

    I highly recommend this service for the Men of Style program. It is not easy to be objective when assessing yourself.

    Understanding your body shape and proportions is the first part to understanding how to dress to flatter your shape

    > Body shape analysis details

  • mens fashion advice for styles
    Online eStyles portfolio:
    Men of Style Program

    This online eStyles program tells you exactly what styles to wear to flatter your body shape (and what not to wear).

    It works by creating a personalized online style portfolio from your answers to a body shape analysis questionnaire (or these are filled in for you, see the Body Shape Analysis service to the left).

    With your eStyles portfolio you'll know when something suits you!

    > Men of Style details

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