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Choosing Stylish Clothes for Petite Women :
Never Short on Style eBook Review

clothes for petite women

Are you less than 5' 4" (162cm) tall? Then regardless of your weight you are classified as a petite womens clothes size.

Your challenges include...
  • Finding clothes with the correct proportional fit. Simply taking up a hem or shortening a sleeve length often doesn't work because the proportional fit is designed for a taller woman.
  • Being taken seriously. Height is associated with power. In a work situation, in particular, it's helpful to create the illusion of height so that you're taken seriously.

The 'Never Short on Style' ebook by Imogen Lamport (an image consultant since 2004) shows you how to dress to flatter your petite stature and the 'tricks' to use to appear taller.

Review Summary: The same style rules apply to petite women as to all women. That is: dress to suit your coloring, your body shape, your lifestyle and your personality. However, as a shorter woman there are some extra rules to apply if you don't want your clothes and accessories to overwhelm you and make you look as if you're wearing your older sister's cast off clothes!

The 'Never Short on Style' ebook helps you identify your body shape and proportions and shows you how to dress to suit both your shape and your height.

Rating: clothes for petite women

Clothes for Petite Women: The rules

The ebook identifies the different horizontal body shapes, vertical body shapes and body variations. For each of the different body shapes Imogen gives excellent examples and pictures of which styles look best and why, with specific advice for styling clothes for petite women.

At first glance Imogen's body types are a bit different to the ones I use. However, it's easy to work out the translation (see insert below).

What I really like about this ebook are the outfit illustrations and the descriptions and illustrations of using line and design to create the illusion of the perfect figure. Imogen makes the sometimes complex line and design theory easy to use in practice by showing you exactly how to apply each technique she talks about. This includes creating the illlusion of height, how to highlight your best points and how to minimize any figure flaws.

Body Shapes Interpreted

Here are the translations between Imogen's system (on the left) and the body shapes I use...

Horizontal Body Shapes
     A = Triangle
     V = Inverted triangle
     O = Oval and diamond
     X = Hourglass with the thigh as the widest area
     8 = Hourglass with a 'shelf-like' hip
     H = Wider rectangle
     I = Slim rectangle
Vertical Body Shapes
     Short mid body = balanced body with low bust
     Short legs long body = the same as my system
     Long legs short body = the same as my system
     Balanced body with long rise = balanced body with short waist

My Recommendation for
Selecting Stylish Clothes for Petite Women

I recommend you first get your personalized estyle portfolio to give you a clear picture of the clothing and accessory styles that suit your particular combination of height, body shape, proportions and variations.

Then get the 'Never Short on Style' ebook to complete your understanding of your petite clothing needs. This ebook is a great supplement to the estyles program, giving you picture examples of how to create stylish outfits, including accessories, for each of the body shapes.

These 2 style resources will have you confidently wearing outfits that flatter your shorter frame.

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