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Do figure types refer to age?

The size you are matches your age?

Jane's answer... Now there's a question I haven't been asked before! Thank you!

No, body types are not directly related to your age. Of course as we age many of us have a tendency to put on weight. However, it will depend on your body shape where you are most likely to carry that weight. For example, someone with a balanced vertical body type and an hourglass figure tenders to put on weight evenly. A triangle body shape tends to put on weight on the hips and thighs and so develops a more pronounced triangle shape.

In my image consultant training I learned that as well as gaining and losing weight there are 4 periods when women's bodies change shape. They are referred to as the "4 stages of Eve"...

  1. Puberty

  2. Child bearing

  3. Menopause

  4. Around the age of 70

For men there are just "2 stages of Adam"...
  1. Puberty, and

  2. Around the age of 70

So it's no wonder that as our bodies and our lives go through changes we can lose our style direction, as things that used to work no longer do. Find out more about dressing to suit your female body shape, or your male body shape.

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