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Hair colour for Winter complexion

by Bernie

My question is for Winter Complexion hair colours. I was told years ago that Winter complexion should not put red in their hair but more a blue black or blue toned other colour. When ever I go to hairdresser and talk about colours they are wanting to put red. With dark brown hair, brown eyes and medium complexion which tans easily I am not so sure.

I had red streaks once and I couldnt wear all my makeup colours and clothes colours.

This last time they listened to me a little and put a purple red, so that it is dark but shows reddish in sun and possible purple type base as well.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this as an expert in style and colourings.

Kind regards,Bernie

Jane's answer... Hi Bernie. I'm no expert on hair colouring. However, I would say that you should be able to wear red highlights, but not red all over. The type of red will depend on your flow.

If you flow towards a warm colour, that is there is some warmth apparent in your skin overtone or hair color, then warm red highlights should work.

However, if your look is all cool (that is you are a cool winter, aka cool and clear), then cool red highlights should work (such as mahogany, claret or burgundy). From your description above it sounds as though this is your category. Adding cool red highlights (that is blue based reds) will give you a soft feminine look.

You could try experimenting with a virtual hair styling program, though I'm not sure if these cater for trying highlights, or just total hair colour changes.

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You're welcome
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Bernie glad I could help :D

Thank you!!!
by: Bernie

Jane, thank you. That is most helpful. It follows on what I always thought suited me. Previous highlights have been like a warm red, which I always went and covered. I might be a bit more adventurous again and go for something more striking & more in my line of colour! Appreciate your thoughts on my question. Bernie.

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