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How coloring changes with age

by Christine
(Boulder, Colorado, USA)

LOVE the blog!

Would you please address how a person's colors change when she stops dying her hair?

I started going white in my twenties and dyed my hair its natural black until a couple of years ago, when I was in my mid-forties. Now it's a nicely blended salt and pepper (mostly salt) with a black streak at my widow's peak--I call it a reverse Cruella de Vil.

I'm a winter. I have noticed that high-contrast patterns on clothing can fight with the pattern in my hair.

Thanks so much!

Jane's answer.... Christine, thank you for your question and for your kind words about my blog. And thank you for supplying the lovely photo. It's so much easier to answer a question when I have the visual! I love the description of your hair pattern (though I confess I can't see the black streak in this picture).

As you know, our coloring changes as we age. Our hair, skin and eyes lose pigment. This is particularly noticeable in our hair. And especially if we stop coloring it.

What you may not know is that it's not unusual for someone with winter coloring to go white in their 20s.

A black hair dye would not only look too harsh for your current coloring, but also be too difficult to maintain. And since your hair is such a nice 'salt and pepper' it's great that you're now leaving it natural.

As our coloring changes we need to adjust the colors we wear. Even if we remain in the same color category we may find that some colors no longer work as well. This is because the contrast level between our hair, skin and eyes and the color has changed.

However, it is also possible that we change color categories. Especially after a bigger change, such as going from black to grey or white. The aim is always for colors you wear to balance with your coloring and contrast levels. To enhance you, rather than to wear you.

I'm wondering if you've had your colors re-assessed since you stopped coloring your hair? It could be that you've gone from one of the Cool and Clear (winter) categories to a Cool and Muted (summer) category.

You've noticed that you don't like high-contrast patterns on you any more. Have you also noticed that darker and brighter colors that you used to wear don't work as well for you now?

how coloring changes with age

Your photo doesn't work for an accurate online color analysis: there are too many shadows on your face and the photo is too small. However, there's a possibility that the Soft Summer (Cool, Muted and Soft) colors are now a better balance for you than the Cool Winter (Cool and Clear) colors.

If you'd like an accurate online color analysis I'd love to let you know for sure. See the details here.

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