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How to create a wardrobe of casual clothes in my colors?

by Tove

Dear Jane - got the color book yesterday. Thank you! I love the colors and look forward to the day I'll open my cupboard doors and look into this beautiful rainbow, knowing that whatever I pick it will look good on me!:)

But I really do not know where to start. Black and grey was so safe - and everything matched. Moving out of my yoga pants and sweat shirts I realize that I really need to fill up with "casual". My wardrobe in that category consists of a few ill-fitting, too short jeans and black tops. I have three good everyday pieces in my winter wardrobe that I want to keep - and accidentally they are in the right color: One Rose Brown leather jacket, a Pea Green wool coat and a Silk White down coat. Where do I go from there? I need EVERYTHING.

I'd really appreciate it if you have the time to point me in the right direction.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,

PS: And could you recommend an everyday lipstick?

Jane's answer... Hi Tove. Great that your swatch has arrived. And I'm glad you love your colors. (Tove used my online color analysis service)

To start, use strategies to minimize black and wrong colors near your face (see your color ebook). You do have greys in your swatch and there are some universal greys as well (in your ebook).

When you buy new basic items (such as bottoms, jackets and coats) make sure they're in 'core' colors (check the back of your swatch to find your core colors). On the back of your swatch there's also a lifestyle indication eg casual, business, smart casual to help you build your wardrobe.

For instance use chocolate brown, marine navy and charcoal gray for your basic items. Use your other colors in tops and patterns. This way everything still matches it's just that you replace black as your wardrobe basic with one of your core colors.

If you need help with your best styles (including your most flattering lengths) I recommend the estyle program, if you don't already have it.

I suggest you start with a pair of pants or a skirt in one of your core colors then find 2-3 tops to go with the bottom. Then add another bottom in a another core color that goes with all your tops. Read more about creating a mix and match wardrobe in this article.

Consider your personality and the image you want to portray as you choose your new items. For more on this see my personal style article.

Check your color ebook and use your swatch colors to choose an every day lipstick (and eye shadow colors as well).

Good luck and have fun with it. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Worth the effort!
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Hi Tove

I love hearing stories like this. So, thank you for your feedback.

Keep having fun with developing your wardrobe and your style.

All the best, Jane

Loving the flattering comments
by: Tove

Thank you so much - this is really helpful.

I have started working with the stuff I have in my wardrobe already, mixing and matching. And wearing my yoga pants only for yoga...

The other day our local grocery shop keeper said to me: "Tove, you´ve done something. I don´t know what it is - but whatever it is, keep doing it - you look more beautiful than ever!" (That´s the way to make your customers come back!:)

A friend came over yesterday and as I opened the door she took one look at me and said: "WOW!"
I was only wearing a pair of trousers, a t-shirt and a cardigan, nothing special - so it really is the combination of colors and the fact that I make an effort that does it.

I love it!!

So thanks again.
Kind regards,


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