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How to Prevent My Style Becoming Boring

by susan

How do I go about sticking to personal style without becoming boring?

Over the past few years I have developed some rules about how I dress and am pretty good at choosing pattern, colour and fabrics to suit my age and shape. (43,redhead, fairly slim but no waist at all). (I know the no-goes!)

I have a fairly comprehensive wardrobe with a good mix of casual and smart, varying patterns and colours, separates and dresses and a few high quality things (like jackets and shoes) as well as some nice jewellery. (which I am also picky about in terms of shape, length etc).

Which is all great except that I am starting to feel my clothes are getting a bit "samey". As much as I like the idea of a signature look I fear I am looking a bit boring and possibly therefore aged.

For example, because I know that crossover and draped style suit me, pretty much all my tops and dresses are like this. similarly all my trousers are tailored and mostly bootleg. I am venturing into skirt territory for spring and have 99% flute or a-line style. Argh!

How do I keep my look current and fresh without compromising the things I know I look best in?

Jane's answer... Susan, thank you for your excellent question!

It sounds as though you have mastered the style basics of...

  • Understanding your colours

  • Dressing for your body shape

  • Wardrobe planning

Having mastered the basics it's time to get a bit more adventurous and to discover your style personality, as well as the colours and styles that suit you!

You don't mention what your style personality is, but from your description it sounds as though you may have a predominantly Classic personality. Classic clothes and accessories are great investment pieces, but the style can become boring if it isn't mixed with other styles.

Your signature style is about understanding the underlying elements of your personality, shape and colours and using that knowledge to create looks that reflect who you are that are also appropriate for the occasion, the venue, the people you interact with and your personal goals. It is not about becoming too restricted or looking exactly the same all the time.

From your description of your body shape you will have many more styles that will suit you than just the ones you mentioned.

It may also be that you're being a bit too restrictive in the colours that you're wearing. Every fashion season there are a few main colours available in a range of hues, temperatures, intensity and value (how light or dark). The range of fashion colours is usually so large that there's something for everyone. For example, this Spring there are many shades of red-based colours from true red to cool, pale or bright pinks, through to warm coral and even orange. You should find at least 1 of these "new" colours will work for you.

With an understanding of each of the above you can keep your style fresh and interesting by noticing the new trends each fashion season. For example, buy a fashion magazine such as In Style, Vogue or Marie Claire or look at shop window displays. In particular look at the shapes and colours for the new season and the styling techniques that are used.

Then review your wardrobe. Look for new ways to wear the items you currently have. Or identify a few items to add to your wardrobe that will give your wardrobe a lift and keep it contemporary. Accessories such as scarves or costume jewellery are a good, budget friendly way to achieve this.

Make sure you shop to your plan so you keep extending your wardrobe with different items rather than ending up with things that are too similar to what you already have (unless you are intentionally replacing a key, worn out item).

For more style help...

For more help with identifying your personal style see my ebook "Your Personal Style Formula".

The eStyles program lets you know all the clothing shapes and designs that work for your body shape and proportions.

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Classics not boring!
by: Anonymous

I do not always think adding trends and colours to a true classic personality always works. I consulted a stylist a couple of years ago because I felt frumpy and boring!

I got some advice along the lines of add colour and trends - and guess what, I hated it so much, I went back to wearing my old work uniforms in navy and white even when I went to the supermarket. Now I stick to classics and have never felt happier in my clothing choices.

Accessorize to keep your look fresh
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Hi Jo, thanks.

And yes, you're right. A pair of current shoes does wonders for keeping your look current and interesting.

Keeping things current
by: Jo

Loved your reply to the lady who was worried about her style becoming boring. Another way to look more interesting, and younger, is to wear shoes that reflect current trends. That instantly freshens up classic clothes. You don't have to go too extreme, just a nod towards what is being shown in the fashion mags.

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