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Is this outfit suitable for a wedding?

Can I wear a lovely white pantsuit (wide leg pants with short fitted jacket) with a gorgeous silk blouse to a wedding?

Wedding is at 6pm on a Saturday night in August at the bride's parents' home. Invitation basically said look good but be comfortable.

Blouse is a bright flower print in reds/magenta color range.

Jane's answer... Your oufit sounds appropriate to me!

The basic "rule" is not to wear all white, since this is the color traditionally reserved for the bride.

Although you don't say, I'm assuming you're in the northern hemisphere, and therefore it's summer. The combination of the white pant suit and bright blouse will be nice and summery.

Since it's an evening wedding the outfit will be most appropriate for evening if the pants are in a flowing fabric. Perhaps with a sheen or shine to the material. Wider legged pants often look most suitable for evening. You mention the shirt is silk, which sounds good.

It's often hardest to get the dress code right when the level of formality is not specified! However, you can take your clues from the invitation (it sounds as though you have) and the typical level of formality of the bride and groom.

Since the wedding is at a private home it will typically be less formal than elsewhere. If you know the house that will give you a better indication. Then consider whether your proposed outfit and the level of formality feel in synch.

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