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Is this slutty or fashionable?

by nicole

slutty or fashionable??

slutty or fashionable??

I am 5’7” about 170 pounds, and i am 17. I have a vertical balanced body with the horizontal hourglass and a circular face. I have a bit of a pudgy lower stomach and the part of my thighs closest to my hips are pudgy. Other then that I have muscle definition.

I think I look good all the time, except when I try to pull off the latest fashion trends that involve high heels. I love high heels. I love wearing them. But I feel like all I can wear with high heels is dresses that go down to my knees or below my knees.

In all the fashion magazines I see these girls wearing short shorts and short mini skirts with high heels, but I sometimes am told I look slutty trying to imitate the fashion forward look.

The magazines tell me to go with the shortest possible shorts and the highest high heels I can get my hands on and the girls in the magazine always look so elegant and beautiful and definitely not slutty. I also have this problem with the short dresses.

When I try to wear heels with jeans or other long pants I feel like its just highlighting my ugly pudgy mid-section. Do you have any suggestions on how I should wear heels, or even if I should at all?

Jane's answer... Good question Nicole!

As you know, for the last several fashion seasons shoes have been, and still are, sky high or ballet flat and it's been very challenging finding anything inbetween (although there are rumours around that this is beginning to change and we'll have more of a choice of mid-height heels too). In the meantime...

If you're being told you look slutty that's not a good look! So I would be paying attention, especially if you respect the person/people who have said it!

Think of the stereotypes in the movies and magazines of what represents a slut. The more skin we expose the more danger there is that this label will be applied to us.

On the other hand, you're young and have a nice figure and nice legs, so flaunt them while you can!

In this picture I feel that the heels you are wearing with your oufit make you look more slutty than fashionable. It's to do with the style of shoes compared to your clothes.

Your clothes are casual to smart casual summer wear, while your shoes have a dressier look more suited to evening wear or more formal attire.

If you want to wear heels with these jean shorts try a more sandal-like style, such as a high heeled gladiator style (a low heeled gladiator sandal would also look good) in a lighter color. A tone similar to your hair color, or slightly darker, should look good.

Always try and match the 'mood' of your shoes to the 'mood' of your clothing.

For example, in summer wear lighter colored shoes that have a light look and are more open (open toed and strappy) for both day and evening wear (although for work closed in shoes are always more appropriate).

Skin colored shoes will make your legs look longer, as will open vamp shoes. The vamp is the front opening of the shoe. A strap will give the same effect as a high vamp, that is, it will make your leg look shorter, although this effect is minimized with a short dress, skirt or shorts.

I'm not sure why wearing high heels with long trousers makes you feel your stomach is accentuated, unless it's that the heels are affecting your posture? In theory the heels should simply make your legs look longer which will make you appear even taller and slimmer than you are.

I hope this helps you work out how to wear heels. Do let me know if you require any clarification.

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