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makeover for my brother

by Sarah

Hey guys ;) (sry for the mistakes -> come from germany)
I don't know where to ask my question so I will ask you.
I am 16years old and my brother is 14years old and he allowed me to do a full makeover on him as a birthdaypresent. I can do what ever I want.
So I want him to look a feminine as I can.
Now my question.. What can I do to him? please give me ideas! as many as you can ;)
just an info: he has shoulderlength hair :)
thank you!
byebye :)

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Makeover suggestion...
by: cathiii

hey you lucky girl :)
I have done it once at my little brother. it was great fun ^^
i have done a full makeover so:
1. pink nail polish
2. shave his arms and legs
3. a nice dress
4. high heels
5. make-up
6. pierce his ears
7. pluck his eyebrows
8. give him a girly name
9. girly hairstyle, but i don't know which so please if you have n idea ;)
i hope i could help you. byebye

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