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Question about the online estyle portfolio

by Wendy
(New Zealand)

My Private Stylist eStyles Program

My Private Stylist eStyles Program

I am considering buying your e style product but would like to know if the illustrations will be in my colour palette as well as my body shape. I am a clear spring with an inverted triangle, short waisted with long legs.

At 56 I am finding that dressing with style and confidence is so much more challenging.

I always enjoy your useful tips. Wendy

Jane's answer... Hi Wendy. Thank you for your question here. It gives me the opportunity to answer what a few women have asked me:

"What exactly do I get with my eStyles program?"

When you access the sample My Private Stylist estyles program (through this link) you see exactly what you will get when you order your personalized version. The only difference being that the recommendations will be for your body proportions, rather than the recommendations for the example person. You can see the example person's details in the "My Results" area. The recommendations for that example person are in the "My Garments" area.

When you order your personalized copy the "My Results" and "My Garments" area will be updated to reflect your body proportions and the recommendations for your proportions (the photos and the clothing categories look exactly as you see them in the sample program).

So, no, the program does not include personalized colour palette information, although it does tell you how you should wear colours (such as light and dark colours) to give you the best proportions (see the My Garments, Design & Colour section).

Incidently, I highly recommend that you also order the professional body shape assessment for an additional US$25 after you've ordered the eStyles program to make sure your body proportions are entered accurately. It's good to have a professional, objective assessment done, even if you think you know your proportions -- you may be pleasantly surprised, many of us are hyper critical when it comes to assessing ourselves!

How to use your eStyles

There are an infinite variety of clothing and accessory styles, so the aim of this program is to teach you how to look at a wardrobe item to see the style elements it has and to work out if the item is right for you. This is explained on the "USING YOUR STYLE PROGRAM" page (click on the menu item from the home page).

First you look at the Silhouette of the garment (Design & Colour section) and check that it is right for you. Then you assess each style element in turn -- I go through this in my "Tips for Using Your Personal eStyle Program" article.

Learning about your body and how to dress to flatter it takes some time and practice, but it really is worth it. When you "get it" it makes it easier and faster to shop, and you look amazing.

Other steps to developing your style

I hope this helps clarify what you get with the estyles program? It's what I, and many other image consultants worldwide, use to help work out the best style elements for my in person clients.

There are a few other elements to master too, which is why I wrote my 6 Steps to Savvy Style article, but don't get too overwhelmed. Start by understanding the basics in 1 area at a time. Understanding your colours and how to dress your body shape (the eStyles program) are excellent places to start.

Wendy, you are not alone in finding it challenging dressing with style and confidence at your time of life. See my article on How to Dress Well and Look Great at Any Age for more about this.

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