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Seasonal accessory colors?

What are the proper handbag and shoe colors for the seasons?

Jane's answer... Do you ever think of colors as seasonal, as in the best time of year to wear certain colors?

If you live in the United States, perhaps you're aware of the fashion rule that says "only wear white from Memorial Day to Labor Day"?

If, like me you live somewhere else (I grew up in the UK and now live in Australia) it could be you're unaware of the idea of wearing different colors at different times of year.

I first came across this as a concept when I started studying fashion and style. However, if you think about it, of course it makes sense! Darker colors make us feel warmer, lighter colors make us feel cooler (whether psychologically, or actually is irrelevant). Medium depth colors have a neutral effect.

The fashion industry also mainly follows this concept, making it easier to buy lighter colored clothes in spring and summer and darker colors during cooler months.

So, while it's not a hard and fast 'rule', in general it's good to wear darker colors in the cooler months and lighter colors in spring and summer. And this idea can be used to pick handbag and shoe colors as well.

Shoes and handbags are important finishing touches that can make or break an outfit. If they look too dark or too light for your outfit, or if they don't somehow tie in to what you're wearing, or to your coloring (especially your hair color), they can ruin your outfit!

Suggested seasonal colors for handbags & shoes

handbag colors by season

For autumn and winter choose darker colors for handbags and shoes.

For spring and summer pick lighter or brighter colors.

All year round medium depth colors can feel appropriate. As can patterned fabrics in a mix of both light and dark colors. Metallic finishes can also work year round, especially for evening bags and shoes.

Seasonal materials

The seasonal idea also applies to some material types. For example: fur, suede and tweeds are usually winter materials; while summer is associated with cotton, linen and straw.

Of course fashion may have other ideas for both colors and materials! It will be up to you whether you want to play with any of these trends. For example, suede shoes in summer and white boots for winter.

Other considerations for choosing handbags & shoes

Other things to consider are:
  • The weather

  • Day or evening

  • The occasion and level of formality

  • Your outfit

  • Your hair color

  • Your personality

These articles explore some of the other considerations for choosing handbags and shoes:

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