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Jan's Style Makeover

The Style Makeover Story So Far

jan in 2009 Jan in 2009Lovely professional photo!

jan in 2014 Jan in 2014Clearly not a professional photograph
(though a very lovely Jan)!

Back in 2009 Jan came to me wanting to re-vamp her style, partly based around the need for professional photos for her business. (You can read a bit more about that and see a couple more photos here).

Since then Jan has stopped coloring her hair. It is now a lovely silvery-grey. Her lifestyle has also changed quite a bit. She has retired from her business and so needs clothes more suited to the new interests she's taking up. That is, less structured and more casual everyday wear.

Towards the end of last year Jan suspected that the colors that suit her best have changed. She'd also lost weight and so many clothes no longer fit, apart from being too business-like. She had done a major cull of clothes and had very few clothes left so she contacted me again.

The New Style Makeover

The new style brief

Jan wanted me to help her create a versatile wardrobe of clothes that suited her and her current lifestyle.

"I felt uncomfortable in my clothes as I knew that many of them really didn't suit me, either colour or style wise"

She hated shopping -- never finding clothes that she liked or that fitted her -- so knew she needed some help!

Creating Jan's style

jan's new colors Jan's new best color rangeCool and muted (aka Cool Summer)

jan's style words Words that reflect Jan's new styleUsed to shop for new items
& when creating outfits

We started with a Style Discovery session to re-assess Jan's best colors, her body proportions and to find out her style words (words that represent who she is now and how she wants to be perceived).

Her best range of colors are now in the Cool and Muted (aka Cool Summer) range. Previously her best colors were in the Cool, Muted and Soft range (aka Soft Summer). While there is some overlap between these color categories she now looks best in the medium and lighter colors rather than the rich dark colors.

We then did a session in Jan's wardrobe checking what she had, where the gaps were and showing Jan new outfit ideas.

With the knowledge of Jan's best colors, styles that flatter her shape, style words and the list of items missing from her wardrobe I was well set to do the research for our shopping trip together. This pre-shop is particularly important for clients who hate shopping it makes the actual shopping trip so much faster and easier.

I also recommended a follow up wardrobe session soon after the shopping trip. In this session I showed Jan how to integrate the new purchases back into her existing wardrobe, creating and recording outfit combinations that she may never have thought of. This way she can get more wear out of existing items as well.

If we had found we couldn't use a new item in enough ways Jan had the option of returning it for a full refund. (It doesn't happen often, because I know the style we're looking to create and I have ideas about how to use each item, but it is nice to have the option).

Jan can wear very different outfit combinations now because of her lovely silvery-grey hair color. So, our wardrobe integration session was essential.

The results

jan's capsule wardrobe The Capsule Wardrobe
We Expanded

We'd already started re-building Jan's warmer weather wardrobe last Spring, when we found her a lovely capsule wardrobe (see photo to the left). This Spring we worked on expanding that capsule with a focus on everyday wear, both casual and smart casual. The outfit photos here include items already in Jan's wardrobe and items we found in our latest shopping trip.

Jan now has an inspirational wardrobe of lovely outfits that work for all areas of her life, and that suit her coloring, shape and personality.

some of jan's new outfits Some of Jan's New Spring and Summer Outfits(thank you so much Jan for allowing me to share these photos)

Jan told me she was shopping in her local mall recently and the lady on the checkout told her how lovely she looked! She was wearing one of her new pairs of shorts a tee-shirt and a colorful cardigan, and had remembered to finish her outfit with a suitable necklace and ear-rings. When was the last time a random stranger told you how nice you looked?

The finishing touches really do make all the difference! You might be able to see that in the outfit on the far right above. Imagine the blue jeans and blue tee-shirt without those necklaces -- that outfit would not be nearly as interesting. See how those necklaces work wonderfully with the silver metallic thongs and Jan's hair, tying them all together? That outfit incorporates Jan's natural, contemporary, clean, calm and (to a lesser extent) feminine style words.

The Style Makeover Experience

Here is Jan's feedback after we'd done the latest style discovery, a wardrobe session and the first shopping trip...

Before choosing my style makeover services...

Q: What encouraged you to go shopping with me?

A: I'm not a shopper and very good at procrastinating. I really have a hard time choosing what would suit and be able to put a wardrobe together.

Q: What were your major objectives at this stage?

A: To create a capsule wardrobe. I started with very little.

Q: Were there any time constraints affecting your decision?

A: I guess because I had very little and I had culled a lot of my clothes I really needed a new wardrobe or I couldn't go out much

Q: What alternatives did you consider (if any) and why?

A: Shopping for myself, initially because of cost

Q: What are the major attractions of my shopping service?

A: You did it all! We had identified my colours, body shape and style words. You knew the best places to go that would have styles and colours to suit me. You saved me time and heartache.

Q: Tell me how you felt just before our shopping trip

A: I was not sure how it would work out. If I would like what you had selected and also the cost.

Q: How did you feel during and after the trip?

A: Exhausted, but very happy!

Q: What were your expectations? And were they met?

A: I wasn't sure what to expect, I was hoping I would get a good start to creating a fabulous wardrobe and yes my expectations were met.

Q: What are my strengths?


  • You found a capsule wardrobe ready for me to try on
  • Somehow knowing what you selected would fit me, which they all did
  • Accepting if I did not like an item, which only happened once
  • Your enthusiasm and knowledge

Q: What are my weaknesses?

A: Your enthusiasm (just kidding), I was exhausted after just two hours of shopping!! [Jane: I keep an eye on my client while we're shopping to make sure that her energy levels are ok. If she's flagging we work out a revised plan (such as resuming at another time, or having a reviving coffee or lunch break). This is particularly important for the first professional shopping trip. Since this first time Jan knows what to expect and has found shopping trips less exhausting! She even told me she'd really enjoyed our last trip, which I'm sure she never expected to be able to say about shopping!]

Q: Would you use my services again?

A: Yes [Jane: and she has! We've been doing regular seasonal wardrobe updates over the last year.]

Q: What advice would you give to others who are considering reviewing and improving their image?

A: To consider engaging a personal stylist as it really does save time and money and you feel great with the results [Jane: and of course I hope you'll choose me ;D !]

What did I achieve for you?

jan in new summer dress

Q: What are the major benefits after our style discovery, wardrobe and shopping sessions?

A: I have a wardrobe of clothes I love. I've already worn 2 outfits and had wonderful compliments.

Q: What will you do now that you were not doing before?

A: I will probably use your services to help me with my winter wardrobe as I am starting from scratch with that one as well. I have a better sense of clothes shopping.

Q: On a scale of 10 (excellent) to 1 (extremely poor) how do you rate your experience with me?

A: 10 out of 10

Q: What further services are you considering?

A: Another wardrobe review after I have bought a couple more items you recommended I needed.

Q:Would you refer and recommend me?

A: Yes

Q: What would you say about me and my services?

A: Excellent! I had a fun time and it was wonderful to have someone who could help me see the potential with each item with just a few small changes or additions to the wardrobe.

Are you ready for a style makeover?

Are you ready to update your personal style? To express who you are and how you want to be seen with your appearance? If so I'd love to help you.

I offer personal image consulting and styling services both in-person (if you can come to me in Avalon, near Sydney, on the beautiful Northern Beaches), and remotely (using a mix of email, photos, and Skype, FaceTime, or phone).

>> See details of my personal makeover services

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