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Discover How to Create a Stylish Wardrobe :
Style Wise & Shop Smart eBook Review

stylish wardrobe

Successful clothes shopping allows you to create and maintain a stylish wardrobe. It ensures you have just the right amount and type of clothes to create stylish outfits for every occasion in your life.

The secret to dressing well is to understand what suits your...

  • Coloring
  • Body shape, variations and proportions
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality

When you understand a few basic concepts you'll be able to...

  • Stop wasting money on clothes you don't wear
  • Stop buying 'orphans': clothes you can't create outfits from because you bought them in isolation without a plan of how they'd work
  • Become more effective at shopping and so enjoy it more

Review Summary: The Style Wise and Shop Smart ebook, by Ann Reinten of Image Innovators (and my trainer and mentor) is packed full of proven style secrets that show you how to dress to flatter your body shape. It includes plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how to highlight your assets and hide your figure flaws.

The ebook includes a section on how to identify your horizontal and vertical body shape and the ;styling aims for each shape. It also shows you how to develop your own personal style and how to recognize the style personality categories that will suit you best.

You'll find out how to interpret fashion and adapt it to suit you. And how to shop to a plan to create a stylish wardrobe to take you everywhere you want to go.

This is an ebook you'll want to come back to time and again as you master one style technique and are ready to master the next.

Rating: stylish wardrobe 5 star rating

Creating a Stylish Wardrobe

Style Wise

You'd be forgiven for thinking this ebook is all about style and dressing for your body shape, rather than shopping. 76 of its 85 pages are packed full of great information on how to dress to flatter your shape and proportions and how to develop your personal style.

Are you sabotaging your look by wearing an outfit that unknowingly highlights, rather than hides, a figure challenge? The ebook describes and illustrates the key design elements, their impact on body proportions and how, when and who should wear them to create a flattering appearance. For example, did you know that the hemline of a top that includes a cut out triangle shape in its design, in a jacket for instance, makes your hips or thighs look wider? This is because the brain automatically 'draws' a line across the bottom of the opening. If you have a triangle horizontal body shape, or large thighs this is not a good look for you. However, it is great for balancing an inverted triangle body shape.

Do you know what focal points are? The ebook shows you how to use them to flatter your shape to make you look taller, shorter, thinner or wider.

The ebook style sections include...

  • How and where to wear prints and patterns
  • Using color to create a flattering shape
  • Using fabric texture and surface types to best effect
  • Wardrobe building tips
  • 22 ways to look instantly slimmer
  • Specific design lines to look for to flatter shorter women, thin women and plus size women
  • How to develop your own style. This section includes details of the 7 style personalities used by us image consultants to help our clients recognize style characteristics that suit their personality

When you understand the style rules and the reasoning behind them you can break them wisely, if you want to, and still look stylish. The section on how to wear just about anything shows you how.

And if you've fallen into a style rut the ebook explains how it can happen, what the symptoms are and how to break free.

Shop Smart

By the time you get to the shopping pages you realize you now have all the information you need to find clothes and accessories you can combine into stylish outfits (not just individual pieces of clothes).

After all that is the aim of shopping: to create stylish outfits. If you just buy an individual garment without considering whether you need it or how you'll wear it when you get home you may just find you have 3 others just like it already or that you have nothing to wear it with.

The shopping 101 section gives you practical advice on how to make your shopping expedition comfortable and successful.

The Bottom Line

Most of us aren't born with a sense of style and didn't receive any education on style when we were growing up. However, it's never too late to learn how to create a stylish wardrobe.

When you're ready to take your appearance to the next level the Style Wise and Shop Smart ebook is a great style resource and excellent value for money.

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