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Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2014/15
for Australia & New Zealand

3 of the main Spring and Summer fashion trends are:

  • Larger silhouettes -- this includes looser fits (in both soft, slouchy shapes and more boxy 60s mod-style shapes) and longer lengths for skirts
  • Neat, semi-fitted, body skimming styles
  • Prints and patterns -- in particular abstract floral prints (often in bright colours);and stripes (the usual high contrast Spring sailor-style stripes, but also medium and low contrast stripes as well). On tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, jackets...they're hard to avoid this season!

Examples of stripe styles

The Main Style Themes for Spring and Summer 2014/15

The variety of very different style themes means there's something to suit all style expressions. As always, it's better to take on elements of the style themes that you like. Use them to update your look and create your own unique style expression.

The main themes include:

  • Global Tribal -- a mix of Bohemian and ethnic themes taken from around the world. For instance: American-Indian style fringing (on bags, shoes and clothing items); flowing hippy styles; Aztec-inspired prints; artisan detailing such as beading, embroidery and applique.
  • Feminine -- created with: pastel colours; soft, flowing fabrics; midi-length skirts and dresses; lace dresses and lace accents; silhouettes either skim and emphasise the body with more structured shapes, or are more voluminous in soft flowing fabrics. For special occasion evening wear, look for skirts and dresses in rich romantic fabrics (such as tulle) and full lengths
  • Mans-style -- tailored pant suits; pleated, fuller pants; tuxedo-inspired jackets and pants; slouchy boyfriend jeans; sleeveless tailored jackets
  • 60s Mod-inspired -- large boxy shapes, in contemporary fabrics (soft or stiffer); 60s prints and colours
  • Sports style -- it's easy to take this look too far and look as if you should be headed for the gym! Fine if you are, or if you're lounging at home, but otherwise stick with the sports-luxe items for wearing out.

Main Style Elements for Spring and Summer


Dress styles this season include:

  • Shifts -- particular prominent in the 60s-mods styles
  • Closer fitting sheath styles
  • Shirt dresses
  • Fit-and-flare -- includes dressy, strapless styles as well as more sporty styles
  • Sculptured styles with folds, pleats and frills
  • A few full length casual and smart casual styles

Also look for splits; sheer fabric over shorter lining; and cutouts (giving the impression of a crop top).

Pants, Trousers and Shorts

While there are still some skinny pant styles around (mainly in jeans), the trend is towards fuller styles, in both full length and cropped styles, including:

  • Tapered
  • Slim straights
  • Medium width straights
  • Some wide leg styles
  • Wider leg shorts in both short short styles and longer length styles

The wider cropped lengths are also being called culottes.

A wide variety of jean styles and shades of denim are also available. And don't be afraid to experiment with denim-on-denim, such as denim shirt or jacket with jeans.


The trend towards greater variety in skirt styles is continuing and increasing. Shapes include:

  • Pencil and straight styles
  • Subtle A-line
  • Full A-line
  • Interesting hem-lines
  • Culottes -- classified as skirts or pants. The variety I'm talking about here as so full they look like skirts.

Lengths are mainly longer: around knee length; midi-lengths (between top of calf and bottom of full calf); and a few full length styles


Styles include:

  • Shirts -- including some great linen and cotton plain or patterned shirts
  • Sleeveless shell tops -- if you don't like your upper arms use to layer under jackets, or over 3/4 sleeve mesh tops
  • Short-sleeved smart tees -- including: luxe fabrics, such as silk; soft linens; front panel in different fabric; boxy styles; and slouchy styles

Jackets & Cardigans

To fit our more casual lifestyles many jackets are now much more softly tailored. For example, using soft fabrics such as ponti and jersey.

Lengths include: bolero; waist; high hip; and low hip.

Styles include: blazer; denim; kimono; bomber; Chanel-style; tuxedo; suit.

While there are still a few waterfall cardigans around, the main styles are now: bolero; cropped; and hip-length classical straight edged styles.



The statement necklace trend continues. However, shorter lengths are now more prominent than long-line styles

Shoes & Sandals

Fabric Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

Fabric Prints and Textures

  • Floral prints -- including bold graphical representations, and floral-inspired abstracts
  • Leaves and tropical prints
  • Quirky graphics
  • Stripes -- all kinds, including: pinstripes; horizontal; vertical; and diagonals; high contrast; low contrast; thin, medium and wide
  • Black and white prints
  • Circles and dots
  • Snake and leopard prints

Fabric Color Trends

  • Whites and off-whites -- white-on-white is a strong trend this year. If white isn't your thing use light neutrals such as cool or warm taupes, light greys, or light browns instead. Remember the hues don't have to match. Tone-on-tone hues look great -- contemporary and sophisticated! To create enough contrast between you and your top use: textures in the fabrics, especially near your face; a shorter necklace; bright lipstick
  • Black and white

It's lovely to see quite a variety of colours available, including:

  • Pastels -- mainly cool blues (chambrays and light denims), pinks, and greys, but there are a few warmer pastels such as apricot and coral too. And also light and medium light taupes which make a great alternative neutral to white
  • Charcoal grey and Navy blue -- a great alternative to black for dark neutrals
  • Olive and khaki greens
  • Some turquoise and aquas
  • Pops of brights such as reds and yellows

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