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Tall womens clothes?

I'm an 18 yr old girl. Almost 6 feet Tall ( longer legs and short torso), with large: (muscled) shoulders, bust, upper thighs, hips, and a small head which makes my body look huge. The other parts are fine though. Searching for the right clothes is very frustating because it becomes tight in one part or the other. Please help!

Jane's answer... At almost 6' tall you have the same issues as short women (called petite women, for clothing sizes) when it comes to buying standard clothes off the rack!

Standard clothing sizes are designed for women who are between 5'5" and 5'9" (163cm and 177cm). So, just as a petite woman finds it a challenge to get standard clothes to fit in the arms, legs and vertical proportions, so do you.

However, the same style rules apply to tall women as to all women. That is: dress to suit your coloring, your body shape and proportions, your lifestyle and your personality.

You may find that some standard size tops work ok for you, especially the longer ones, since it sounds as if your vertical body shape is long legs, short body.

For bottoms, pants in particular, and for dresses you need to find clothing labels and stores that have tall womens clothes.

Online stores with womens tall clothing

Here are some online stores I've found with clothes for tall women. I've identified the country they're physically located in, although many will ship to other countries as well.

Physically located in the UK...

Physically located in the US...

If you know of other stores, please tell us by adding a comment below.

Alternatives for Tall Womens Clothing

Other options you might consider are...
  • Try mens departments -- for pants in particular and have them altered to fit your waist

  • Custom made clothes -- either make your own and alter the patterns before you sew or have items custom made, especially clothes for special occasions

Clothes to suit your body shape

Identify your horizontal and vertical body shapes using this article.

Then follow the style guidelines recommended for your shapes. Or get your personalized estyle portfolio that takes all of your body proportions into account.


You say you have a small head in proportion to your body. Choose a hairstyle appropriate to your face shape, but keep you hair longer (shoulder length or below) and fuller (though not too full) to create the illusion of a larger head.

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Great tips for tall women here!
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Jheri there are some great tips here for tall women. Thank you.

some success
by: Jheri

I came across this looking for custom shoes (I think I will try Shoes of Prey). I'm 27, 190cm and rail thin. Getting clothing that looks good is a challenge.

my recommendations, and I'm always looking for more! :

° find a good tailor! You may find rack clothing that sort of works with some modifications. Develop a relation with a tailor so she gets a chance to know you. I take mine chocolate;-)

° remember that some dresses will work even if you're much taller than average. They just hit differently. They'll need some adjustment, but that is ok.

° accessories are your friend for adding style. I'm very into scarves.

° forget about advice of what looks bad on tall women. Find out what looks good on you and own it! I regularly wear 10 or 12 cm heels putting me at or over 200cm, but I have two friends who are that tall in flats:-)

° if you can find pieces that work, but they're expensive, think about buying them if they're well made and will go with other pieces in your closet. My closet doesn't have many items, but they're mostly well made and will last. I can put together good looking outfits and am slowly expanding. It probably costs about the same as if I was average sized and doing fast fashion with a full closet.

° there are some great tall women's fashion and style blogs. I like Alica's Tallswag , Tanasha's Pretty Tall Style , Laura's All the Tall Things , and The Height of Style (several authors). There are many more, just search.

° there are a few companies to try. Alicia has a good list on her blog as do others. I try to work with the boutiques as they worry about finding things all the time and get to know their customers individually. The best I've found are not in my country, so don't worry about looking around.

Tall TAllula clothes
by: Anonymous

I have found some great clothes for tall women at tall tallula. An Australian company but they will ship anywhere. Good basic peices to mix and match with. I especially love the pants, they are really flattering.

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