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V-neck with my heart shaped face?

by Anthony
(Fort Lauderdale)

Recently eveyone I know has said to me stop wearing V-necks: Your face is thin and angular a V-Neck "draws me down" is this true?

I have black hair, dark brown eyes, a golden yellow warm undertone to my skin yet I'm still fair. Many people tell me stop wearing black you look bad in dark neutral colors. Also because I have a golden yellow undertone am I still considered a winter?

Jane's answer... Hi Anthony, you have asked a few good questions here. See my answers below...

Best neckline styles

A classic v-shaped neckline looks good on just about everyone. However, if the v-shape is deeper or wider it may not work for you, but it's not just your face shape that determines this. Your neck length and width, your shoulder slope and width also come into play for which neckline styles work best for you.

I suggest you try on a few different styles of v-neckline and work out which is the most flattering for you. It may help to have photos taken of you in the different styles so you can see yourself more objectively.

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Check your face shape

Also, if your face seems thin, I suspect your face is not heart shaped, but more likely rectangle or oblong, or maybe even diamond shaped.

What's your face shape?

I've recently been offering a face shape analysis service for US$23. Contact me if you'd like me to check your face shape.

Your best colors

I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say you're "still fair" -- do you mean your skin is fair? Or, that you're fair for your ethnic background?

In spite of how many clothes are available in black this color does not suit a lot of people! Those in the Winter color categories can look great in black. However, it can still be a challenging color to wear, especially as a person gets older, because it's so stark.

Our skin has both an overtone and an undertone 'temperature'. What we see obviously is the overtone, so I suspect you may have a warm, yellow overtone to your skin. However, it's the undertone that has most impact on the colors that suit us best and this can only be determined by draping with different colored fabrics.

So, yes, you could have a golden yellow skin overtone and still be one of the Winter color categories.

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