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Wardrobe organization and coordination

by Caroline

Garment Rack

Garment Rack

Here are two helps I've found for my new coordinated look...

The first is, I live in a tiny flat and have no wardrobe. Instead I have one of these metal structures for clothes hangers - the poor man's wardrobe. It cost no more than £10 at a stall beside the road here. Google images is full of them and I imagine not v. costly.

It's made a huge difference to me - I' m not a 'joined up thinker' in the colour department and need all the practical help I can get.

It's brilliant. At one glance I can see what the options are and what goes with what. It's v. helpful at this stage of experimentation.

The other is for scarf wearers. Via a web page about books I found this 22 page pdf showing how to tie scarves successfully. It will work for any scarf, you don't necessarily have to have a Hermes! The link is below:

Playtime Hermes scarf.

Hope they help others to get ahead quickly with their clothing schemes.

Go well, God bless, Caroline

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Great wardrobe tips
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Hi Caroline

Lovely to hear from you. It sounds as if you're having fun developing your look.

Your garment rack is a great idea. I use one to supplement my small wardrobe cupboard. There are indeed many garment racksgarment racks listed on Amazon in a variety of sizes. Though I haven't seen one with quite such a small footprint as yours.

And thanks for the link to the scarf tying ebook -- very useful.

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