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What about hats?

cloche hatStraw Cloche Hat

I'm wanting to get into hats, and am wondering are their different style hats that better suit different face shapes? What about taking age into consideration, and hair length and style? I'm 46, with a square face, and long straight light auburn hair.

Jane's answer… I love hats! As well as being a fun accessory, hats are usually practical -- providing protection from the elements.

What to look for in a hat

Your best hats will…
  • Fit your head properly

  • Be in a size suitable for your scale

  • Suit your face shape. Recommendations for a square face shape include hats with a tall crown and irregular brim. Wearing your hat at an angle will soften your face.

  • Flatter your coloring

  • Reflect your personality -- for example, a beret worn at an angle will suit a natural or sporty personality; a cloche hat will suit a feminine personality

  • Match the dress level and "mood" of your outfit. For example, a straw, brimmed hat will suit a summer day dress; caps are usually for casual wear

Other considerations

Should you take your age into account when selecting a style? I wouldn’t get too hung up about it. Though do consider whether the style is associated with age stereo types, such as cartoon character details for very young children, and styles associated with the elderly -- avoid those that are not appropriate for the look you want to create.

Hair length and style? Some hats will look better with your hair pulled back. Some with fuller hair, some with straight hair. Experiment.

As with assessing how you look in an outfit, I suggest trying on lots of different styles that meet your guidelines of what to look for. Take photos of yourself in the different styles -- it’s often easier to assess yourself more objectively in a photo.

More hat advice

For more information on what to look for in a hat and other considerations, as well as other accessorizing advice, I recommend Accessory Magic by Diana Pemberton-Sikes.

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