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What hair style and earrings suit my face shape?

by DJ
(Marquette, MI)

Question: What hair style and earrings suit my face shape?

Jane's Answer...

Your face shape is closest to the pear shape...

  • Your face is longer than it is wide

  • It is widest at your jawline (just under your ears)

  • Your jawline is full and rounded

  • The sides of your face taper from your jawline to your forehead

You get the same recommendations for hairstyles, earrings and so on as for the triangle face shape.

Your main aims for hairstyles are to minimize your jawline and add width at your temples.

To create harmony select earrings that relate to the shape of your face or a facial feature you wish to highlight. (Notice that your glasses are doing this -- they echo the curves and proportions of your eyes and eyebrows, and to the width and curve of the bottom of your nose.)

Avoid earrings that end at the broadest part of your face. Typically the advice is not to wear dangly earrings with eyeglasses. Although, you might want to experiment with skinny drops that end just above your chin and below the widest part of your face.

However, I feel that medium sized rounded studs and medium hoops will work best for you.

To try out virtual hairstyles try one of the virtual hairstyler programs, use DailyMakeover to try out virtual earrings.

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