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What Hairstyles for Casual Outfits?

by pearl

I am small faced 19yr old girl with a small body can you suggest me hair styles for casual outfits eg jeans, dresses , tops...

Jane's answer...
Hi Pearl. This question really belongs on the face shape question page. However, since you didn't leave an email to be notified of my response I'll leave it here for now, so you find my answer.

It sounds as if the scale of your face is in proportion with your body. Your hairstyle should also be in proportion to your scale -- so nothing too big, no beehive-style for instance.

The starting point for finding hairstyles that suit you is to determine your face shape. Then save pictures of hairstyles you like, try on virtual hairstyles and find a hairdresser you trust to advise you what will work with your hair type.

The question you ask is an interesting one. I suspect most people don't think about whether their hairstyle is suitable for how casual or formal their level of dress is.

I certainly didn't until (many years ago) a French man pointed out to me that the style of dress I was wearing (a semi-formal, sleeve-less shift dress) didn't go with my hairstyle (just below shoulder length, with natural curls). However, when I added a jacket he said my look worked! Looking back on this now, with the benefit of my image consulting knowledge, I suspect he was telling me that my hairstyle was too casual for the dress, but that adding the jacket added more structure and so pulled my look together.

I hadn't really thought any more about this until your question.

In clothing, the more tailored and structured an outfit is, and the more layers that are worn, the more formal it is perceived to be. This is true for hair too -- the more styled and smooth the hairstyle the more formal it is perceived as being. Which is why neat up-dos are more formal looking than a natural curly look or an asymmetric or wispy style.

If anyone else has ideas on this topic feel free to add comments below.

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