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What is my face shape and
what are its attributes?

by Y. R.

me , son and daughter

me , son and daughter

And what body type and race can my face shape be considered ?, i.e. european/african/arabid ?

Can you please be as specific as you can ?
about the shape, the race etc ?

Jane's Answer...
Hi YR this is a lovely photo of you and your children. However, because your face is not straight-on to the camera it is difficult for me to say for certain what your face shape is.

I think you most likely have a pear shaped face (also called the triangle face shape). This is when your jaw line is wider than your cheekbones or forehead and your jaw is gently rounded to your chin.

Or you may have an oblong face shape if your face is a lot longer than it is wide and your jaw line, cheekbones and forehead are the same width.

If you would like to contact me I can tell how to send me a photo of your face, facing straight-on to the camera. Then I will be able to tell you for certain.

Your body type is not determined from your face shape. However, I do offer an online body shape analysis service and a personalized Style ePortfolio that lets you know the best clothing and accessory styles for your body type.

Similarly, I am not aware of a specific connection between face shape and race. Though it does make sense that particular races would be more likely to possess shared facial characteristics (if any one knows more about this area please add a comment).

So, all I can tell about your race from your face is that you are Caucasian (ie light skinned). Though I am sure there are experts in this area who could tell you more.

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