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What is my face shape and would a trucker style cap suit my face ?

by Jeremy
(Laval, QC, Canada)

My face is shaped basically like a coffin but slightly rounder at the bottom. It is widest just above the cheek area but not by too mutch. I`ve always thought it to be a cross between an oval and a diamond but I am really not sure. Thank you

Jane's answer... LOL. Love the description of your face shape Jeremy. Shame you didn't include a photo!

However, from what you've described your face is definately longer than it is wide and you have a rounded jaw-line. This makes your face shape oblong.

So, the main styling aims for you are to make your face appear shorter and wider.

A trucker hat (pictured), is similar to a baseball hat, and has a tall crown and a peaked brim. This style of hat will make your face shape look even longer.

You will look better in a hat with a lower crown and a brim all the way round. This includes Stetsons, Fedoras, Akubras (Australian bushman's hat) and a bell or fisherman's style hat.

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