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What is my face shape?

by Peggy Jo
(Grand Haven, MI)

I am obese so there's much softness, but even as a toddler my face was this very padded softened shape. I have thought it was round. Now I think it is a softened square or pear shape. I'd like to know which. Forehead seems round but the jaw is softly squared? Also in many pics forehead, though wide and short, seems narrower than jaw.

This pic shows both the young and old face of me.

Jane's answer...
Hi Peggy Jo, your assessment of your face shape is very good. Your face shape is a mix of square and triangle (similar to the pear shape, but with a shallower jaw -- hairsytle and accessory recommendations are the same for both).

Unfortunately, the current photo of you is very slightly fore-shortened and not quite straight-on to the camera.

However, I think you most likely have a square shaped face...your face is almost as wide as it is long and the sides of your face between your jaw line and lower temples is most likely straight.

In your current photo it looks straight on the left side, but your jaw line looks as if it is the widest point on the right side (if your jaw line is actually wider than your cheekbones then your shape is triangle).

I hope this helps you identify your main face shape category. Since you are a mix of both square and triangle anyway you can apply hairstyle and accessory recommendations from both categories -- if there's any conflict in recommendations use the recommendations from your primary face shape category.

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by: Anonymous

Thankyou! I know it is SO hard when taking a self pic to get it straight on! LOL!

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