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What to wear to a wedding?

by diane yolo

I have a wedding in Canada on Sept 5th and I am the youngest sister in law whose nick name is our little top model. I am a black or brown african, modern and my face is oval and symmetric. My sister in law wanted us to wear a pink dress, I hated it but I decided to find a dress that will be pink-raspberry, short up to knees, with either v neck or v back so it will be close to burgundy my favor color.

I am 38 years old and a mother of five girls. I am 5.7" and weight 152lbs.

My question is which shoe color to wear? jewerly? hair style and color? thank you.

Jane's answer... Hi Diane. What a coincidence, I also got married on September 5th (many years ago)!

A raspberry-pink dress sounds like a great choice. Since you're going to be choosing an above knee length I'll assume that the wedding is semi-formal, rather than formal. And as your favorite color is burgundy I'll guess that your underlying skin color is cool.

Shoe color suggestions

You have a few options for shoe colors...
  • If the wedding is during the day you could go for a nude shoe color -- that is, a color similar to your skin tone. This will make your legs look longer, even if the shoe has an ankle strap, especially if you choose a mid to high heel

  • Another option which will work for day or night is to choose a metallic color. A strappy silver, for instance

  • If the wedding is at night you could go for black shoes

Jewellery suggestions

Your choices of jewellery will depend on...
  • Your choice of dress and shoes

  • Your personal style preferences

  • Your body scale

  • Which asset you'd like to draw attention to

With a short dress and heels you'll already be drawing attention to your legs, to draw attention upwards wear a necklace or earrings. If you wear both a necklace and earrings don't make both items statement pieces.

It often works well to reflect some element of your dress or shoes in your jewellery selection. For example if you go for silver shoes, silver jewellery will go nicely.

If your dress has structural embelishments you may not need a necklace at all. Instead go with earrings and maybe a bracelet or cuff.

For more accessory ideas the Accessory Magic ebook by Diana Pemberton-Sikes has excellent advice on how to choose and wear accessories.

Hair suggestions

With an oval face shape most hair styles will suit you so your choice becomes one of personal preference. If you have long hair an up-do will look more formal and dressy.

Have a look at the virtual hairstyler website to get ideas and to try out different colors.

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