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Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2016 Australia & NZ

autumn winter fashion trends australia 2016Images courtesy:
Veronica Maine, Sussan, Cue

3 of the biggest runway trends this autumn/winter are:

  • Creative layering. Think Iris Apfel for inspiration! Try combining different textures, fabrics and/or colours within an outfit. If that sounds too challenging start with something simpler such as layering a turtle or polar neck jumper under a dress, pinafore style (even if the dress isn't a pinafore dress)

  • Increased volume in silhouettes. Although there are still plenty of options in the shops allowing sleeker silhouettes as well, the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2016 runway shows feature many outfits with over-sized proportions. This includes: longer lengths (midis and maxis) in skirts and dresses; cropped pants, but wide legs and pleats; bulky outlayers; and layered or dramatic sized accessories

  • Stripes -- wide, thin, vertical, horizontal, diagonal and a mix of colours, widths and orientations. Wide vertical stripes and multiple, uneven width stripes in 3 or more colours (think deck chair or canvas awning stripes!) are the most recent additions to this continuing print trend

Using what I'm seeing on the runways and reported in fashion magazines, below are my observations of what's available in our shops to help you work out how you'll wear items already in your autumn winter wardrobe and what you'll add. Or contact me for help updating your wardrobe this season.

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends: Main Style Elements


autumn winter fashion trends dressesImages courtesy:
Seed Heritage, Trenery, Witchery

There's still a good range of dresses around this autumn winter season. Dress and skirt lengths are mainly around knee length and the high midi-length (between the knee and fullest part of the calf). The midi length is the emerging trend. There are also maxis and mid-thigh minis available.

Styles include (as illustrated above): sweater dresses (widely available); many wrap dress variations and other draped styles; 70s-inspired peasant styles. As well as slimmer silhouette sheath, shift and mid-thigh tunic styles.

Pants and Trousers

There's still a wide range of pant styles available. The overall trend is for greater width in pants. Styles include:

autumn winter fashion trends crop pantsImages courtesy:
Trenery, Country Road, Veronika Maine

  • Cropped -- this style first became noticeable in the shops in the Spring/Summer of 2014/15. This season the trend continues with a large variety of styles, including tapered, flared, and fuller culotte styles. The style can be tricky to pull off successfully without looking short, short-legged and dumpy! However, as you can see in the above images it is possible! (Perhaps you'd like an article on how to style crop pants?)

autumn winter fashion trends pantsImages courtesy:
images 1 & 2 Cue; images 3 & 4 Country Road; image 5 Trenery

  • Wide legs -- shown above in Prince-of-Wales check (a pattern trend)
  • Boot-cut flares
  • Wide and slightly flared -- a naval-inspired style
  • Straight -- in a variety of colours, such as this season's burgundy, navy, grey and black
  • Jeans -- there's still a wide choice in jean styles in all shades of blue as well a few in other colours, such as the muted grey ones shown

However, there are also still leggings and jegging available (pair these with long tops and tunics, or under longer length dresses and skirts) as well as slim (rather than skinny) styles.


autumn winter fashion trends skirtsImages courtesy:
image 1 Veronika Maine; images 2 & 3 David Jones; image 4 Country Road

The variety of skirt styles available is slowly increasing. There are still knee length pencil skirts available. However, other styles include:

  • Alines -- in both subtle and obvious A-line shapes. Lengths are mid-thigh (60s mod-inspired), but mostly in fuller-volume midi lengths
  • Straight -- both midi and knee lengths
  • Lace -- a Victorian-era-inspired straight, midi style
  • Split -- this feature is appearing in a variety of skirt lengths and silhouettes


autumn winter fashion trends topsImages courtesy:
Saba, Birdsnest, David Jones

Options in tops include a range of knits such as:

  • Cowl, turtle & roll necks
  • Fine knits -- options include swing hems, high-low hems and more preppy fitted styles
  • Long sleeved tees -- in fine wools such as Merino, cotton and viscose, in a range of plain colours and stripes

autumn winter fashion trends blousesImages courtesy:
Witchery, Blue Illusion, David Lawrence

There's also a good range of blouses around. Including more structured cotton or viscose styles and floaty peasant styles. There are also still some short-sleeved options available.

The variety of skirt styles available is slowly increasing. There are still knee length pencil skirts available. However, other styles include:

Outer Layers

Coats & Jackets

autumn winter fashion trends coats & jacketsImages courtesy:
Country Road, Trenery, Witchery

There is a large range of coats and jackets again this autumn winter season. The images above show a longline 'car coat' in a statement colour, a military-inspired reefer jacket (full length coats are also available in this style), and a suede biker jacket.

Other styles include: capes, anoraks, denim jackets (examples below). And there's still a selection of trench coats to choose from.

autumn winter fashion trends coats & jacketsImages courtesy:
Witchery, Sportscraft, David Jones

Cardigans & Vests

autumn winter fashion trends cardigans & vestsImages courtesy:
Witchery, Metalicus, Saba

Other outer layers include:

  • Dusters & coatigans -- a long line cross between a coat and a cardigan. Dusters are an emerging trend.
  • Cardigans -- there's still a good choice of styles from shorter lengths to long; cozy knits and finer jersey; waterfall and more fitted styles
  • Vests -- there's also a good range of vests including warm puffer styles, structured sleeveless coats, and more floaty


Shoes & Boots

autumn winter fashion trends shoesImages courtesy (clockwise from top left):
Myer, Seed Heritage, Myer Myer Hobbs

There's a large selection of ankle boot styles, including low heels and higher heels. And a smaller selection of knee length styles.

If you're like me and the majority of my clients who need comfortable footwear the great news is that there's still a large choice of fashionable flat and low heeled styles. These include loafers, brogues, and sneakers.

If you're looking for height without a heel look out for the new 'flatform' style (shown in the loafer style above). Other heel types include stacked and stiletto and there still a few options in wedges.

The trend in toes is still pointed, and there are now also some rounded toes and some peep-toe styles.

Straps are still a strong trend. This includes: ankle straps, laced styles (both lace-ups and the Victorian-inspired lace ups shown in the heeled pump above)

On trend materials to look for include: suede, shiny silver, and glitter.

Jewellery & Scarves

autumn winter fashion trends accessoriesImages courtesy:
Witchery, Swarovski, Witchery

  • Scarves -- look for the new shapes of a thin neck-tie style that can be knotted and worn in a 70s-choker style, or with vertically with a lower knot or bow. Another new shape is a square that can be knotted and worn to the side in a sailor-style, or as a choker style. There are also many long rectangle in bulkier fabrics
  • Statement necklaces -- just as I thought these were in decline they are now available again. Either choose a large scale necklace, or make your own statement by combining necklaces with some common theme (such as pearls or gold pendants)
  • Statement earrings

Main Style Influences in the Autumn Winter Fashion Trends

In previous years I've called these 'themes'. However, it's perhaps more accurate to call them influences. And this reflects the idea of adding a hint of a theme into an outfit, rather than adopting the look as a costume.

The main influences this season appear to be from:

  • A range of eras -- For example the 70s: Boho and peasant styles; embroidery; flares; muted, warm autumn colours; texture; tie-die. The 90s (midi lengths, greater volume in silhouettes); the 60s mod styles (A-line mini-skirts and tunics)

  • Victorian styles -- high necklines, including turtle necks; black; sheer fabrics; many small buttons; velvet and lace

  • Military -- naval style pants; brass-looking buttons in rows; epaulettes; camouflage prints

  • Mens styles

    -- wide pants; crisp shirts; androgynous styling
  • Sportswear designed as leisure wear -- track pants; sweat shirts; sneakers. It can be very easy to go overboard with these items and forget that there are other, smarter, comfortable options for every day wear!

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends:
Main Fabric Trends

Fabric Types

Look out for velvet; leather; suede; lace; and panels of sheer fabric. As well as the usual cooler weather wool and jersey fabrics.

Fabric Prints and Textures

Stripes remain a big trend. There are also some checks (especially Prince of Wales and houndstooth).

Fabric Color Trends

  • Navy and grey make great choices for neutrals as well as the usual black
  • Black and white combined in one garment or outfit, is a continuing trend
  • I'm a reasonable amount of red around for the first time in a while. As well as a few soft pinks and soft blues
  • Rust and burgundy
  • And some pops of warm yellows such as mustard and Chartreuse

Seasonal wardrobe update a chore?

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