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Hourglass figure with baby belly

I have an hour glass figure but also the baby belly! Spanx only goes so far, so how to wear a skirt or dress and camoflage?

What can be done to lessen the baby belly when wearing skirts or dresses? Spanx does not really make it flat, just decreases it a little. I usually wear a light jacket over pants to disguise it.

Jane's answer... I'm assuming you're talking about a post baby belly versus being pregnant?

Having an hourglass figure will mean you've been used to wearing and looking good in a wide range of clothing styles. Now, post baby, you're finding not every style works on your new shape quite as well.

You have the right idea with using a layering technique (light weight jacket over trousers) to hide your tummy. Other techniques include...

  • Wear clothes that skim your body rather than hug your tummy

  • Look for tops and dresses with diagononal ruching over your middle or tops that can be arranged into a ruched effect

  • Avoid strong color changes between tops and bottoms (unless you also wear a layer, such as a jacket or shirt, over the outfit)

  • In a similar vein to the tip above, avoid horizontal design details that go across or near your tummy

  • Leave tops untucked

  • Wear top lengths a bit longer than you may have been wearing them: low hip to crotch -- this makes your torso look longer and therefore slimmer

  • Wear a statement necklace or earrings to attract attention to your face

I hope the above helps.


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Thanks for Great Info!
by: Katie Roller

Thanks for these! I'm postpartum with my second baby in under a year and a half. It's good to be able to find resources to help me dress well until I get back in shape!

great tips
by: Newlly

Hi Jane, thanks for these tips it always helps. cheers, Nelly

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