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How can I create a seasonless wardrobe?

by Trish
(Coastal So Calif.)

I love your website! I live in warm, southern California, coastal region. I am recently retired and determined to pare down the closet clutter and create a seasonless wardrobe. What types of clothing, fabrics, styles and colors should I use to create this very simple but functional wardrobe? While shopping my eye still wanders in the classic business wear section which is what I don't need any longer. Also, I recently lost 15 pounds, now down to 126 so I almost need to start over again (which may be fun but where to start?).

My coloring is a warm/soft Autumn. Please, please help me get started with a new, functional, fun and beautifully colored small wardrobe.

I remain a faithful fan,
Jane's answer... Hi Trish. Thank you for your kind words about my website!

Funnily enough I've just answered a similar question from your part of the world here.

Congratulations on losing all that weight and on your retirement!

Living in coastal south California I'm assuming you have a fairly even year round climate? In which case it will be easier for you to create a seasonless wardrobe than someone living in a climate with more extremes.

However, you'll still probably want a few items in more summery fabrics such as a light cotton, or linen. And using the lighter, brighter colors from your best range. And in winter you'll still want a few heavier weight items and darker colors for the coolest days.

Make sure you really understand your colors, your body shape and proportions and the styles that suit your shape. For instance, even though the warm autumn and soft autumn categories do have some colors in common there is a significant difference between the 2 categories. And your body shape may have changed if you didn't lose weight evenly.

Your personality and lifestyle will also determine how far you can pare down. For instance, will you get bored with a wardrobe that's too minimal? And do your lifestyle activities mean you need more than one wardrobe capsule? For example, if you like hiking you'll probably need some specific items (boots at least) for that.

Also consider how many clothing items you'll need between washes. For instance, if you wash clothes weekly will you be happy to wear a pair of pants or a skirt 2 or 3 times during the week before washing? If so, you possibly only need 3 pairs of pants or skirts, especially if you have a dress or 2 as well.

See my wardrobe articles and the information on capsule wardrobes in particular. And my article about shopping to realize your plans.

For further reading on capsule wardrobes I recommend the Travelling Light ebook.

I also recommend Style Wise & Shop Smart to gain a deep understanding of using design elements to flatter your shape and for identifying and developing your style personality.

I wish you fun with your style journey.

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by: Anonymous

Hi Trish. Glad I could help. Of course I'd love to help you in person as well!

Merry Christmas to you too.

Great suggestions!
by: Trish

Thanks Jane, You've given me some wonderful websites to further my knowledge and very important suggestions about basics being of the utmost priority.

Wish you lived here so you could help me.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and your staff!

A faithful fan,

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