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How can I dress classy at school

I've always admired Audrey Hepburn and the look of "old money". I'm in high school and was wondering how I could dress classy easily but still look modern. I'm petite (5'4) and an athletic/ruler rectangle shape with a bigger butt. I have a dark brown skin tone and even though I'm almost sure I'm an autumn, I'll wear white and then I think it looks good. Another thing is I don't wear spaghetti straps or anything more than an inch above the knees. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really need your help.

Jane's answer... What you're referring to is the personal style category that Image Consultants refer to as "elegant".

I think of this as an up market version of classic styles. It is perceived as dignified, refined, and -- as you've observed -- wealthy. Michelle Obama often favors this style.

I normally think of this style as an older person's style. However, it's simple lines and uncluttered look are definitely suitable for your petite frame and your rectangle horizontal shape.

The over-riding features of the Elegant style are good quality clothing and accessories and impeccable grooming.

To get the look choose...

  • Clean, simple, uncluttered lines and understated designs

  • Perfect fit -- semi-fitted rather than tight or loose

  • Modest hemlines and necklines

  • Monochrome or 2 color outfits

  • Quality fabrics

  • Formal, classic styles -- such as: straight, medium wide pants in a light neutral with a white shirt; shift dress; straight skirt to just above the knee and a knit top

  • Rich, elegant colors

  • Light neutral colors

  • Accessorize with quality shoes, bags and jewellery

Typically we like more than one personal style category. If you have your main clothes choices in elegant classics choose accessories in your secondary style categories to keep your look age appropriate and contemporary.

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