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How to be a stylish Pear over 50, over weight and not sophisticated or classic

by Karen

Your answer to the "How to be a stylish 'Summer Pear' at 48?" was interesting but there is not a single thing there that I, as a slightly overweight pear shape, could wear.

I have the My Private Stylist program but still find it extremely difficult to put it all together without feeling like I'm pretending to be someone else.

I'm not sophisticated or a classic style of woman -- much more boho. What do you suggest?

Jane's answer... Hi Karen, it's lovely to hear from you again. It's funny, I was only thinking about you recently and wondering how you were getting on! It sounds as if you could do with some more one-on-one help.

Because of the issue you describe in your question I have recently added a 'Style Discovery' service. You can see details here.

I've found that it's often not enough to understand your best colours and styles for your body shape (although that's an excellent basis to start from). The key to creating a style that you're happy with is to reflect your personality, your values and your goals in life in the outfits you wear.

My suggestion is that we spend time identifying what you'd like your style to be (I'll take you through a fun process to help you discover what that is). Then we'll work in your wardrobe (since you're in Sydney, I can come to you), seeing how far we can get putting your look together with what you already have. I'll be able to identify any extra items you need to create your look and we'll put them on a shopping wish list. I'll also help you understand the styles and styling elements that reflect your personal style and give you ideas for styling outfits that reflect the style you want to create.

Of course a big part of creating your inspirational style (especially initially, when you're turning your wardrobe around) comes from finding the right items for your wardrobe. My personal shopping service is designed to help clients understand this process (as well as doing it for them).

Here are some ideas for boho-inspired styles that will suit a pear shape body:

boho-inspired styles for pear shapeImage
Blue and white patterned skirt -- Dorothy Perkins
White drapey cardigan -- The Iconic
Everything else -- Birdsnest

I really would like to help you find a style you love, so I do hope you'll contact me.

Kind regards

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Try things on!
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Hi Karen, glad you like these ideas.

It takes a bit of practice to see what suits you when looking at clothes and accessories. And practice putting flattering outfits together.

And nothing beats actually trying on different combinations to see what works on your body. I suggest you take photos of yourself in different outfits as well, it tends to make us more objective when we're assessing what we like.

Good suggestions in the images
by: Karen

I would never have thought of any of those outfits suiting me.

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