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Mother of the groom outfit for NZ vineyard

by Heather
(Newcastle UK)

My son is getting married in New Zealand, in a vineyard. Any ideas about an outfit?

I prefer a hat to a fascinator but don't want the outfit to be too formal.

Jane's answer: Heather, thank you for your question. I love helping women dress for weddings, especially if they're the mother-of-the-bride or groom.

It's such a special occasion so it's important to feel confident that you're looking your best. And yet it may be a very different level of dress to anything you'd normally wear, which makes choosing the right outfit all the more challenging! Especially in a different country.

Funnily enough I answered a very similar question a while ago (see the first of the 'related answers' below) for a mother who also lived outside of New Zealand. (Although I don't for a minute suggest that you copy her outfit! It was entirely appropriate for her in her situation, but doesn't apply to you. However, my reasoning in that answer may help you.)

You don't say what time of year the wedding is, what time of day, or give me any hints as to your shape, coloring and personal style preferences. All of which make a huge impact on what will be right for you.

Considerations for your outfit

You should consider the following in creating your outfit:
  • What is the dress code? -- has your son or daughter-in-law to be stated the dress code for the wedding?

  • How formal is the wedding venue? -- you might expect a vineyard wedding to be less formal than a city hotel venue, for instance. However it's still safest to check. The venue may even have an online photo gallery of past events for you to look at, which will give you a clue

  • The time of year, likely weather, and time of day -- day time weddings are typically less formal than evening events. Make sure you have appropriate outer layers to cope with the most likely weather (sun screen, jacket or coat, and so on)

  • Local customs -- For example, while it is usual in the UK to wear a hat or fascinator to a wedding it is not so common in New Zealand. Although, if it's a summer daytime wedding and the reception's outside guests might wear hats, to keep off the sun. Of course, if your style is dramatic it will be entirely appropriate for you to wear a hat anyway!

  • Your personal preferences -- are you most comfortable being slightly over-dressed, rather than under-dressed? Does your style lean towards classic, feminine, dramatic, funky, or something else? It's good to be true to your personality. You'll feel more comfortable that way too

Some outfit ideas

For these examples I've assumed the wedding is in summer. Wedges will most likely work better than heels as you will probably be on grass at some stage. So, in the first 2 examples I've shown practical low-heeled wedge shoes. However, if you don't mind the possibility of wrecking your shoes the heeled courts are a possibility.

mother of the groom outfit for nz vineyard

mother of the groom outfit for nz vineyard ethnic style

mother of the groom outfit for nz vineyard classic style

I hope this gives you some ideas?

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Great advice.
by: Heather

Many thanks for the tips and really like the suggested outfits. Both have really given me food for thought. I'm a hat person, so the idea of a sunhat, (perhaps something Downton Abbeyish???), is helping me picture an outfit.

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