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Styles to Flatter Your Rectangular Face Shape

rectangular face shape male

rectangular face shape female

Your face shape is obviously longer than it is wide with a square jaw-line. You may also have a square hairline.

Your main style aims are...

...To create the illusion of a shorter, broader face and to soften your jaw-line.


Go for...

  • Natural looking styles

  • Styles that add width at your temples

  • Styles that add width at your cheekbones

  • Styles that add a little volume (not too much) at the top of your head

  • If you have a high forehead, bangs (a fringe) are good

  • Either straight and wispy or swept off to the side and not too thick

  • Keep the sides off your face, either swept back or short

  • Off center or side parting

  • Medium length is good

  • Long hair should add width at the neckline


  • Highly stylised styles such as angular cuts, extremely short styles, severely slicked down

  • Volume only on top of your head

  • Center parting

  • Long straight hair all the same length

  • Hair close to the sides of your face

  • If you have a high forehead, hair combed straight back

Glasses (Eyeglasses and Sunglasses)

The best glasses for your face shape are...

  • Frames with depth as well as width

  • Frames slightly wider than your face

  • Frames with curves rather than sharp angles

  • Contrasting color or decoration at the temple

  • If your nose is long, a low bridge


  • Hats with full brims

  • Uplifted brims

  • Avoid high crowns and small brims that make your face look longer

Makeup Tips

Add the appearance of width at your cheekbones and the illusion of a shorter face by...

  • Applying a slightly darker foundation at your hairline around your forehead and just under and slightly over your jaw

  • Applying a slightly darker foundation just under your cheekbones, blend towards the ear

  • Applying a blusher on the apple (ball) of your cheekbones and blend upwards towards the outer corner of your eye


Your best earrings have more width than depth and soft curves, rather than angles. Such as...

  • Round buttons

  • Tear drops

  • Ovals

  • If you have long hair, drops no longer than your chin and with some width too.

The Finishing Touch

accessorizing the finishing touch

I know many of you need help with accessorizing...

  • Where to start?
  • What to choose?
  • How much is too much?

This is the ebook I now recommend to all my clients to answer these questions and more. See my review of The Finishing Touch ebook to find out why.

Examples of People With a Rectangle Shape Face

Celebrities with a Rectangular Face Shape

These celebrities have your shaped face...

  • Sandra Bullock, Lucy Liu

  • Ted Danson

More Examples of Rectangular Shape Face

I'll put links here to readers with this face shape

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