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"tea" or midi length

by Melba Thurmon Feibel
(Houma LA USA)

I am thrilled that tea length fashions are returning even if only for a short while. I am only 5' 2" tall. An off the rack item will look tea length on me with no alteration. So I can wear things I already have that I love without the added expense.I also enjoy the feeling I have in a soft, swirling or floaty dress that just brushes my legs. It makes me think of walking on the beach after sundown, dancing with my handsome husband, or twirlying my little ones around the floor in a play dance.

It is very important that one choose to use new items in one's wardrobe in a way that enhances both inner and outer beauty. An item that is the latest thing on the runway is not necessarily the best choice. Important questions one might ask are,"Does it distract from my best features or does it present a more balanced and harmonious picture? How do I feel when I wear this outfit? Am I confident, comfortable, feeling beautiful?

Today's economic situation should not paint a drab and dreary fashion future for you. Learn to use the items in your wardrobe with a few new things that enhance the fashion portrait you are painting for yourself. This portrait will change over time, just as your body and self-image will also change.Make the most of your assets whether financial or physical. Use those assets to present the most wonderful you possible.

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