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Tying Scarves

How do i drape a scarf around the neck to look unstructured?

Jane's answer... I love wearing scarves. I'll often wear a scarf in place of a necklace. Even on cooler summer days I might wear a lighter weight scarf (maybe in silk, cotton, or viscose).

As well as providing a nice finishing touch to an outfit a scarf is a great way of covering up skin that's no longer as firm as it once was.

tying scarves loopedtying scarves looped variation

An easy and currently popular way to wear a scarf (and my current favorite) is some variation of a simple looped drape, like those above. The simple and effective trick to making the look unstructured is to keep the ends uneven.

A quick search on YouTube reveals a large number of videos on how to tie scarves. So, rather than create yet another version myself take a look at some of those for ideas. One of my favorites is by a fellow Australian Image Consultant, Imogen Lamport. She illustrates the looped drape and some great variations on it.

(Please note that even though she calls this video "13 ways to tie a Pashmina" you can replace the Pashmina with any scarf that can be shaped into a long rectangle. For example, a large square can be folded diagonally, then be rolled or scrunched into a long rectangle for draping.)

I also like the infinity version, which creates a flattering cowl neck -- Imogen demonstrates this in her video as well.

If you have a shorter neck drape the scarf a bit lower on your decolletage, rather than have the scarf rise up your neck and make it look even shorter -- the cowl neck look will work well for you.

the finishing touch ebook

For more on scarves, scarf tying and all types of accessorizing I recommend Imogen's ebook "The Finishing Touch". You can read my review here.

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Thank you
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Susan thank you for your kind comment about my web presences.

Glad you've made the realization that your scarf and accessory colors are best in your colors, as well as your clothing colors. And of course your colors apply to your lipstick, eyeshadow and blush shades too (your foundation should always blend with your skin, so may not be in your colors)

its a wrap
by: Susan

So so agree about scarves. I have an (er hmmm) extensive collection that covers just about every colour, shape, texture and season you care to think of - although there are certainly two or three firm favourites.

I tend to wear them untied and simply draped around my neck, occasionally with one loop, or in the loose hangman style on cooler days. People comment so often that they have in some ways become my ''signature'' (along with an impressive necklace collection...)

I would say though, that it has been tempting to buy scarves in fabulous colours and fabrics and then discover that they somehow don't look right. It was a revelation to me to discover that I needed to apply the same style/colour rules to my accessories as I do to my clothes!

Love your blog and facebook page!

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