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Yet another face shape inquiry

by Kerry
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

I have always had a difficult time in figuring out what face shape I am. For starters, I feel that I can't get accurate measurements (ie when I measure over the curves of the face with a tape measure or do I use the "lipstick in a mirror" approach). I used to be much heavier, thus had a heavier face and always thought I had a round/heart shaped face. I'm not sure though.

I know this picture isn't exactly the most "ideal" for determining shape, but it's the best one I have, so I hope it will suffice!

Jane's answer...
Hi Kerry, I laughed at the title of your submission ;D

You're right that this isn't an ideal picture for determining your face shape -- it's taken from slightly above your face and your hair is covering part of your face. However, I'll do my best with what I see (it is a lovely photo of a bright, attractive, fun loving girl ;D).

As you've discovered, it isn't easy determining your own face shape. What method to use? How to interpret what you see? And you've also discovered that our face shape changes, both with weight changes and with age as well.

The method I describe to find your face shape is what I was taught in my image consulting training and what I use in my image consulting practice. This method says that the length of your face relative to its width is the most important factor, followed by your jaw line.

This is great if you fit obviously into the definitely longer than wide or almost as wide as long categories. However, it can still be a subjective determination if you don't fit obviously into these categories.

Okay, so to get to the assessment of your face shape, from what I can tell from your photo...

  • Your face is a little longer than it is wide

  • Your jaw line is long and pointed

  • You have a wide forehead

Therefore you have an inverted triangle face shape. This is the same as a heart shaped face, but without the widows peak.

The only other possibility is that your face is actually definitely longer than it is wide -- the angle of the photo might be hiding this from me. In which case you have an oblong face shape, but I think it more likely that you have an inverted triangle shaped face.

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I'm the same!
by: Anonymous

I am exactly the same, almost. Ok my measurements are:
cheekbones(very high in line with where ear touches face):
7 1/2 inches
jaw( widest point of cheeks): 6 inches
forehead: 6 inches
length: 8

I wasn't sure what you were referibg to when you said jaw?

Following up
by: Kerry

I think I agree with you on the inverted triangle face shape. I have the rounded hairline for the oblong shaped face, but my jaw is angular and pointed. My face never struck me as "definitely long" to the point where it makes it that long, oblong shape. I suppose the speculation on the oblong face shape was due to my hair hiding much of the width of my face in the photograph, making my face look longer.

I just made another attempt at measuring the dimensions of my face. My results were (and there is room for error, since I'm not sure how accurate my measuring technique is):
Length- 8" (20cm)
Forehead Width- 6.5" (16.5cm)
Cheek Width- 6" (15.5cm)
Jaw Width- 4.5" (11.5cm)

Now, if this has been done correctly or without much error, this seems like an inverted triangle. Woo Hoo! I think we may have an answer :) Thank you for your guidance!

Jane...Yes, your measurements seem to confirm it -- you have an inverted triangle face shape ;D

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