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Not usual pear shape

by Vicki
(Melbourne Aust)

Pear Shape Body (also called Triangle Body Shape)

Pear Shape Body (also called Triangle Body Shape)

I am not an apple or a pear shape. Very small up top with small breasts. Large in hips and thighs = Pear shape but I don't have small waist or a flat stomach. I have large belly above and below navel, and very uneven hips. What style suits. Please don't stay wrap dresses they don't look good with no breasts.

Jane's answer... Hi Vicki. Thanks for your question.

You are correct in saying that a typical pear shape body is described as having a well defined waist. However, carrying more of your weight below your waist, as you describe, and having a smaller top half, is still described as a pear, or triangle, body shape.

And, from your description, it sounds as if your tummy is not large enough for you to be described as one of the apple shapes. So, I'd still say you have a pear body shape.

You are also right in saying that wrap over dresses aren't the best choice for small busts. Although, sometimes, they can be made to work by wearing a camisole top, or similar, underneath.

You don't mention your vertical body shape, or your height. And in fact all of your proportions come into play for deciding exactly which styles will suit your body shape. That's why I recommend the eStyles program to learn exactly what's right for you and what to avoid.

However, to suggest some styles, I'll assume you have a balanced vertical body shape and are of medium height.

Clothing style suggestions to flatter your pear shape body

Your main aim in choosing clothing styles and putting outfits together will be to balance your upper body to your hips. Take a look at the recommendations I make here, these will also work for you. And here are some more styles that should work well for you...

Dress styles, like this one, that are slightly shaped, with sleeves, and neckline detailing should be great for your shape. Short sleeves will also work, if your upper arms are reasonably toned and not too heavy.

And this style, that has a higher waist, and neckline and shoulder detailing.

How to create your best looks

And don't forget to wear your best colors, choose styles that suit your personality, and think about when you'll wear the dress as well. See the 6 steps to style for the whole style picture and for links to more articles to help put your best looks together.

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Examples of skirts with tops
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Separates for a pear shape body
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Here are some suggestions for separates to suit a pear shape body...
  • Keep your tops lighter than, or the same color value as, your bottoms. This will minimize your bottom half and increase the apparent size of your top half

  • Take great care with where your tops come to. Your best length will be just under the widest part of your hips

  • Layering is a really good look for you: use longer vests or cardigans or jackets and leave open to create flattering, slimming vertical lines on your torso

  • Use high focal points to attract attention to your face. These can include a statement necklace, earrings and scarves

  • Create apparent width to your shoulders by choosing tops with sleeves. Layering works again here: layer a top with sleeves under a sleeveless top, for example

  • Choose bottoms in soft flowing fabrics, thick enough to skim over the thighs. Make sure skirts and pants don't pull across your thighs

  • Avoid pockets in your hip area. In-seam pockets can be removed (to remove bulk) and sewn shut. Also remove belt hoops, since you should be leaving tops untucked

  • Here are some example pants with tops...

More recommendations to come
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Ah, Vicki, thanks for your sounds as though your top half is a size or so smaller than your bottom half. That makes sense, it's not uncommon for the woman with a pear shape body.

If you like dresses, the way to correct this is to buy to fit your bottom half and alter the dress to fit on your top half (either yourself, or factor the cost of altering into the price of a dress and find someone to alter it for you -- personal recommendation is a good way to find a good alteration service near you).

Tomorrow, I'll give you some recommendations for top and bottom styles that will work for your shape.

Not usual pear shape
by: Vicki

still not helpful, dresses don't work. to fit top the skirt part would not fit me and to fit skirt the top is far to big. wear a Cami does not help.

So glad you asked this question.
by: Michelle

This is my problem exactly ! Would love to see more style suggestions for this hard to dress body type. Thanks!

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