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Appropriate dress length for evening wedding?

by Elise

I'm attending a wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando in November. It's an evening wedding and I am not sure if I should wear a long dress or a cocktail length dress. I am from the Caribbean and prefer cocktail dresses, please help!

Jane's answer... Hi Elise. I'm sorry I didn't get to answer this before the wedding date. I hope you managed to get the dress code right and that you found something to wear that made you feel great?

I have already answered a question very similar to yours (see "Related articles" below), so I hope you found that answer? Here's my advice anyway, it may help you for other weddings, or help other readers with a similar wedding to attend.

Your best approach in a situation like this is to carefully check the invitation:

  • Does it state a dress code?

  • What's the venue? Is it a formal venue, or more relaxed? Is the dress code implied by the venue the same as that stated on the invitation? If not, if the invitation dress code seems more casual than the venue would imply, err on the side of more formal rather than less.

  • What time of day is the event? Evening events imply more formality than daytime events

  • What time of year? Consider the weather and what outer garment and shoes you will need

If you are still not sure about what's appropriate contact your host and ask!

If you're buying a new dress try to find something you can wear again for maximum return on investment (consider cost per wear). Here are some ideas for dresses that fall around knee length...

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