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New Season Fashion Trends

March Style Snippets: New season fashion trends articles; Sydney Meetup; Visit to Perth, Western Australia

Continue reading "New Season Fashion Trends"

Current Fashion Trends

My trend watch summarizing and interpreting current fashion trends for women in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Continue reading "Current Fashion Trends"

Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2017

My take on spring summer fashion trends for 2017. How will you update your wardrobe this season?

Continue reading "Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2017"

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends Australia 2017

My observations of the autumn winter fashion trends in Australia for 2017

Continue reading "Autumn Winter Fashion Trends Australia 2017"

Are you ready to upgrade your style in 2017?

Discover how to create confident style

Continue reading "Are you ready to upgrade your style in 2017?"

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Last minute Christmas party outfit ideas for the 2014 holiday season

Continue reading "Christmas Party Outfit Ideas"

Style Snippets Issue #083 2016 December 6

Continue reading "Style Snippets Issue #083 2016 December 6"

Are shorts appropriate over 60?

Are shorts appropriate over 60? Would love advice on whether shorts are appropriate for a women over 60? If so, what styles can you suggest? Jane's

Continue reading "Are shorts appropriate over 60? "

Style Snippets Issue #082 2016 November 17

Continue reading "Style Snippets Issue #082 2016 November 17"

Ruth's Style Transformation

Are you ever too old to be stylish? NO! As Ruth's style transformation shows...

Continue reading "Ruth's Style Transformation"

Style Makeover Gallery -- Transformations by Image Consultant Jane Liddelow, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Examples of Style Makeover HQ personal image transformations in photos and descriptions

Continue reading "Style Makeover Gallery -- Transformations by Image Consultant Jane Liddelow, Northern Beaches, Sydney"

Style Snippets Issue #081 2016 October 28

Continue reading "Style Snippets Issue #081 2016 October 28"

Style Snippets Issue #080 2016 September 29

Continue reading "Style Snippets Issue #080 2016 September 29"

60 Too Old for Halter Neck?

Example of halter neck top. Image courtesy David Jones I am 60 years old and very petite. I am always told that I look very young. Halter necklines really

Continue reading "60 Too Old for Halter Neck?"

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